NextLand welcomes 12 new users

On the 16th and 17th of June 2021 the NextLand team organized two showcase events, one for the agricultural and one for the forestry sector, to announce the first (beta) release of the NextLand online store and to welcome 12 new users. 

These users come from a wide range of countries such as France, Spain, Bulgaria, Estonia and South Africa and represent all target markets for NextLand, from agronomy and silviculture service providers, to associations, public institutions and large end user companies. During the showcase events they received an overview of the NextLand services, learned about the experience of the users who tested the services in the past year and got a glimpse on the beta version of the NextLand online store. Via a live demo they were able to learn how to access the services via the brand new online store. 

The NextLand users will be actively involved in the co-design process to ensure that the services and operational processes can meet the end-users’ needs. In these first meetings, they already provided valuable input to the evolution of NextLand service model and how their user experience can be improved in the online store. During the next months, they will be engaged with our co-design and service provision teams to provide requirements to drive the evolution of the services and online store, while we provide them with outputs that can help them improve their service portfolio. This synergy will bring NextLand to the next release of the online store scheduled for the beginning of 2022.

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NextLand new beta users