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Earth observation services for agriculture & forestry

NextLand is an alliance of 5 Earth Observation providers that collaborate to offer you the cutting-edge of EO technology. How, exactly? By developing 15 land management services based on GEOSS and Copernicus data. 100% co-created - all on a single platform with a single point of contact. Easy, right? 

The Next Generation Land Management services for Agriculture and Forestry are fully scalable across the globe - helping you cultivate your gains where it matters most. 

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NextLand, where progress grows

NextLand will launch 15 innovative Earth Observation services on a single, user-friendly platform.

Our EO-technology is based on Copernicus and GEOSS data and will boost efficiency in agriculture and forestry while helping you achieve ambitious sustainability goals.


Agriculture & forestry






EU Innovation through collaboration

Helping agricultural and forestry companies increase production while lowering the impact on our environment. Successfully completing NextLand's mission requires advanced technological innovation that can only be achieved through close collaboration across borders.

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Continuous development: service delivery

NextLand’s mission originates in the ever-growing demand for verifiably accurate satellite data integrated into highly customized solutions. To provide a comprehensive answer, NextLand will offer all its services on a single, user-friendly platform –  paving the way for a wide variety of organizations to benefit from EO. 

More than just product characteristics

What happens when you combine the expertise of 5 renowned EO partners across Europe? Cloud-free images, higher resolutions (both spatial and temporal), and accurate predictions based on deep-learning and AI? Of course, but NextLand won’t stop there. 


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Co-creation with NextLand users and stakeholders

The first developmental phase of NextLand will be completed in collaboration with our 8 partners - SoilEssentials, Soil Service of Belgium, S&T, CERTH, EFI, Metsäkeskus, Forest Design and Junta de Castilla y León.



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These organizations will be actively involved in the co-design process. Together, we will define the first set of requirements based on operational needs. The resulting requirements will be translated into concrete services. As these services are implemented, there will be a continuous test, validation, and feedback cycle between users and services/platform developers. 

Throughout the project more users and stakeholders will help to adapt and customize our services to end-users' needs.

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Meet the NextLand service providers

Nextland service providers span the European continent with partners in Belgium, Portugal, Italy, The Netherlands and Denmark.

EO service providers Deimos Imaging, VITO Remote Sensing, DHI GRAS, Vandersat and Terradue will define the service requirements and develop the 15 Earth observation services. NOVA will support them by implementing the go-to-market, sales and sustainability strategies.